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Secondary Home Science Form Three Students’ Book (Third Edition)

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Secondary Home Science Form Three Students’ Book (Third Edition)

Publisher: Kenya Literature Bureau

Levels: Form Three   
Tags: Form 3   Secondary  


Home Science is an applied and integrated science. The day-to-day activities involved in the
subject employ scientific principles. A major objective in the teaching of Home Science is to impart relevant knowledge, life skills and attitudes that will enable the student to face the challenges of higher education and also be self-reliant after leaving school. This book has been written with that objective in mind.
The subject areas covered include, home management, food and nutrition, textile and clothing and health education.nThis Form Three Students’ Book is the second in a series designed to cover the entire
Secondary Home Science Education Syllabus. The book adopts an integrated and practical approach. The activities suggested within each chapter should be carried out in order to make learning practical.

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