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Foundation Science Standard 6 Teachers Guide

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Foundation Science Standard 6 Teachers Guide

Publisher: Jomo Kenyatta Foundation

Levels: Standard 6   


This book has been written to be used with the Foundation Science Pupil’s Book 6. It gives suggestions on objectives for the various topics, resources necessary, preparations to be made, additional information, suitable teaching and learning experiences (referred to as ‘procedure’ in this Guide), suggestions for multi-ability learning, how to cater for pupils with learning difficulties, assessment and diagnostic tests. Objectives For each topic, at least three objectives have been identified, namely: knowledge (cognitive domain), skill (psychomotor domain) and attitude (affective domain). Resources Children learn better when they interact with the learning resources. The resources motivate and encourage the pupils to explore. They enable pupils to grasp concepts better and enhance the retention of the concepts. You should be aware that there are no-cost and low-cost materials in your immediate environment that can easily be obtained to enhance the learning of Science. Some materials can be collected by the teacher and the pupils. These include water, tins, metals, plants, animals and pictures. Other materials can be improvised from locally available materials. You could also solicit for materials from individuals and/or institutions. Such materials could include pictures, posters and realia. It is important that resources should be properly stored for future use to minimize wastage and reduce cost. Set aside space for storage, for example, in a room, cupboard or cartons. Make your classroom conducive for learning by setting up centres of interest, for example, the Science Corner, mounting wall charts and displays of pupils’ work. Such an environment encourages learning to continue beyond the normal class time.

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