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Secondary Physics Form One Student’s Book

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Secondary Physics Form One Student’s Book

Publisher: Moran Publishers

Levels: Form One   


This book is the first in a series of Secondary Physics text b ooks, prepared specifically to meet the needs of the new revised Kenyan Secondary School Curriculum. Each book is written by specialist science educators, teachers and examiners. Form One Physics Student’s Book fully covers all the topics required in the Form One Physics Syllabus and equips the learner with the knowledge and skills required for the KCSE examinations.
The specific objectives of each topic are stated at the beginning of each chapter so that the
learner knows what should be achieved by studying the chapter. Concepts and skills are systematically developed to achieve the objectives. Illustrations throughout are used to enhance understanding of concepts and principles. Exercises and questions, including endof-chapter review questions, provide opportunities for pupils to assess their understanding and to practise answering examination questions. Appendix 3 gives guidance on answering examination questions. Each chapter ends with a summary to reinforce learning.
The book provides varied experiments and activities to help the understanding of concepts and principles and to develop the required skills. through the investigative approach, the learner will develop the manipulative and observational skills necessary for practical
examinations. The experiments have been carefully selected and planned with clear, simple procedures. They will help the learner to make accurate observations and draw logical conclusions from the experiments. Where necessary, ‘Cautions’ have been given to enable
the learner appreciate the need for observing safety procedures when performing experiments. Labelled drawings, showing experimental set-ups, will help the user set up their own equipment safely and to obtain accurate results.
This book will be useful to all Form One students studying Physics in Kenyan secondary schools.

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