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Kenya Education Cloud (KEC) is a national education platform that enables the Kenya institute of curriculum development (KICD) promote and create 21st century student centered learning environments in Kenyan schools which allow every learner in Kenya to access a quality, relevant, personalized and adaptive education experience anytime and anywhere.

Kenya Education Cloud allows:

  1.  Ubiquitous access to digital content and related educational services.
  2. Improved volume of quality and diversity of digital educational content to meet the needs of a competency based education environment.
  3. Improved effectiveness and efficiency of the fulfilment of regulatory roles of KICD.
  4. Application of data analytics and intelligence to facilitate personalized intelligence to address the specific needs of pupils/students, teachers, parents/guardians, school administrations and the government.
  5. Enhanced digital-driven interaction between the respective interested parties towards co-creation and co-operation in the creation of a quality education environment.

The following are the digital content file formats supported by KEC 

  • HTML5 - Interactive Content 
  • Epub3
  • Video[mp4 format]
  • Audio[mp3 format]
  • PDFs

Kenya education Cloud is designed to receive submissions of both digital and physical books for online quality assurance and dissemination. KICD has developed standards for vetting and evaluation of Course materials, Supplementary materials, Open Education Resources, User generated materials and Educational Apps through online platform that embraces transparency, time and financial efficiency, and effective access. The standards are reviewed regularly in line with curriculum. The standards are developed to assist the industry carry out self-standardisation of the materials before submission for evaluation. The submission is automated while the content curation is carried out by virtual teams of teachers and other experts trained on online curation of curriculum support materials. Content Submission is done through Publishers portal

Access Content by Placing Orders with the KEC Shopping 

  1. Visit the product detail page for an item you wish to buy.
  2. Tap Add to Cart.
  3. When you've finished adding items to your cart, tap the Shopping Cart icon.
  4. Tap Proceed to checkout and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Review your order information and tap Complete Order to complete your purchase.

To Access Interactive Digital content go to this link